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When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron movie full length review - Amazing Movie...But of course the majority doesn't see that...

One thing people keep saying is the problem in the avenger films and in the MCU(marvel Cinematic universe) is that every film is only a stepping stone, like its leading up to something.

but is juts putting the story off. whats the problem here? Yes every film is leading to the big ending which Im certain will be the infinity war. So yes every movie plays an intricate part in leading up to that. But its called a Story. Thats how you build a story, especially a super awesome one like this. You don't just skip to the end. Its like people don't see what amazing film making is done here. There's never been so many movies that connect and every decision made affects another movie.Nobody complains about that with the hunger games or the harry potter series, but guess what its the same thing. Only much more difficult here since all of the big players get their own films.

Another complaint is hulk and the black widow's love relationship. I'll admit it threw me for a loop too. Didn't see that coming at all. But why is it so bad? I mean if you really think about it, we learn a little more about black widow each film shes in. And in this film we really learn that she did things in her past she isn't proud of. She feels like a monster inside. Who else on the team feels like a monster? and literally turns into one? The Hulk. It makes sense they have a connection. Hawkeye has his own family, and captain America and her really just don't click on that level, not to mention he seems as if he is still stuck on Peggy carter from his past. Somebody said the MCU seems to be very sexless? I'm not sure if you mean there isn't enough nudity or sexual content, but if that's the case, you are sadly mistaken. Its under Disney for starters and its based on children's comic books. Kids are definitely going to go see it. Or if you meant there isn't enough love stories, then you are also not paying attention and mistaken. Tony Stark/Pepper Potts. Thor/Jane.Captain America/Peggy Carter. Hawkeye now has a wife we see. The Hulk had a love story in his own movie and now with black widow. So to say the MCU is sexless, doesn't make sense. One thing I keep seeing from people is they don't understand how Ultron is basically alive and can talk. they say right in the film more than once. its artificial intelligence. That means he has "the ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence"Tony stark and Bruce banner uploaded him into there system and he takes over . The reason they did this was because tony stark wanted shield the world from invaders, like the first film. and then people said nobody blamed tony stark for this?!! were you watching at all!? Over and over again everybody was mad with him, captain America especially. Then Someone said they thought this would build up to a iron man vs. captain America civil war but then nothing it falls flat! seriously the next film after ant man is Captain America Civil War! Why are people mad Hawkeye has a family? He got screwed in most of the first film, he was just a pawn. In this film we get to see the real Hawkeye, and people are mad at this? Give the guy a break. He is a part of the avengers and doesn't get his own films, So why is it such a big deal he got some quality screen time, and it was a big plan to set him up for his death which we all thought was going to happen only to see quicksilver go. And someone said the movie is predictable?!That totally threw everybody for a loop. And they are saying it's random he has a family? He said He didn't want anybody to know. so why would you know about it if nobody did He fights bad guys all day, why would he be spreading around he has a wife and kids. Somebody said the beginning is pointless and makes no sense to the story line? Once again if you watched the last film before this one, which was the second Captain America the whole storyline was about Hydra taking over Shield, and destroying it. Hence why there is no shield in this movie until the end. In the start of this film they sort of wrap that storyline up, by taking the hydra base and getting the plans for Ultron to start this story. If every movie had the same story it would be boring, also the beginning set up the twins to be in this movie, since it was Strucker who experimented on them and gave them their abilities. So to say this opening seen wasn't important, is ludicrous because it was. I've heard people say the visions the witch gives the heroes is dumb, and they don't care about it. Well if you watched Thors' at all, its what all of these movies have been about, the infinity stones. And he is going to start figuring that out. We've seen 4 of the 6. which by the time infinity war comes around, all 6 will be revealed. and is what its all about. How can you say its not important? And its beyond me why you would say there are too many characters!? They get there own films for a reason. Because in these films, it about them as a team. There characters have been developed, and they still are but obviously it will be harder with more characters. But that's the whole fun in the avenger films. All of these awesome beings together. Every body is aloud there own opinion, I understand that, But the majority of things being said make absolutely no sense.