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A random group of people wake up on an Island where they are being hunted down in a sinister plot to harvest their organs.

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Awaken movie full length review - Chronically stupid and in dire need of brain transplant

Five minutes into the movie, there's a random girl who falls three feet into the ground and breaks her neck. Then Vinnie Jones calls out how silly it is while the girl is literally looking like she's been run over by a truck.

At this point you know Awaken doesn't play by any boundary of normal logic, nearly everything about it is either badly written or simply so bizarre, it becomes a legit comedy.

Story follows a group of people stranded on an island like they are in poorly made survival reality show. Eventually they realize that there is an organization that harvests their organs. Now this premise already presents a dilemma in first act. These are supposedly rare individuals, and yet they are tossed into a random island rather than a simple jail.

The mafia gets mad if these people are hurt or try to escape, even though those are the most possible outcomes. There's even a debate to select victim by their chi, since positive outlook on life fundamentally affects the organ. In one occasion a guy engages in gunfight, runs out of bullet, then decides to sprint across the yard and reload in front of the other guy's face.

These are just few of the oddities. If that doesn't deter you, the acting will. Main female lead is looking like she's auditioning for America Next Top Model. She almost exclusively wears one icy expression. It's unsure if she's mad or sad, but damn does she look sternly stoic and ready for camera.

None of the acting or writing is remotely believable. Other characters just seem shoehorned for the most awkward effect. The editing is choppy and creates unintentionally funny scenes, not that the pace is structured in the first place anyway.

I could have listed the plot holes, and the space for reviews wouldn't be enough. If anything, Awaken is so silly, it may just work as an ironic comedy.