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Ernie, Julia, and Max accidentally start a time-machine and find themselves back in time 65 million years, where they are adopted by a doting dinosaur mom and a rambunctious dinosaur brother while, back in the present day, their parents plot their rescue.

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Back to the Jurassic movie full length review - Mediocre entertainment for the kids

Very little for the adults. While somewhat entertaining for the kids, it relies mostly on the "less wholesome" elements for entertainment, i.e.

fart jokes, crashes, smart remarks, rather than the clever plots you expect from the more mainstream AAA animated titles. As for the animation quality, it tends more toward the low end of what is expected of computer animation in 2015. The people are OK, the non-humans are fairly simple, and the terrain and environment at times don't mesh well with the action-- especially the water scenes. The animation quality is clearly not central to the movie, but to claim they were relying on the rest? The plot is simple, and the story idea is bizarre and not very logical or clever. Overall, it can entertain the kids (at least some of them) for a while, but definitely no comparison to the big animated movies.