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When Kate and Abby are mistaken for famous art thieves, their fun night out quickly goes from good to bad.

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Bad Night movie full length review - So worth it

Followed Facebook recommendations and bought this movie. Bravo. It's amazing that kids can go from posting on YouTube to actual films like this.

I knew an Bout jennxpenn but I hadn't heard of the other girl Lauren. Well done movie with some hilarious one liners and characters. Don't want to spoil anything but they do have some scenes like the U.S. Ride that had me rolling on the floor. They could have done more with the trailer. Honestly the trailer made me second guess watching the film. All in all worth it. You do have to set up a Vimeo account but then you're good to go. Wish I could get the movie in HD 4K instead of 720p but that Apple TV fault I believe.