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Two guys find a beautiful young woman to take the place of their missing roommate. Everything seems fine until a horrible mistake on drunken night leads all three on a downward spiral.

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Bad Roomies movie full length review - Savas and Monroe shine in this unfocused comedy

Bad Roomies is far from a terrible, or even a bad film. It managed to spark some laughter, and keep me mildly entertained for it's rather slim running time.

However, after watching it, I didn't really feel the satisfaction one should after watching a great comedy.

It's a shame, because everything seems to be there. You have Annie Monroe playing a very likable leading lady with a deviant streak, Tommy Savas playing a typical nice guy, and even Patrick Renna delivers a good performance, albeit of an unlikable character.

Despite these things, the film manages to fall flat. In my opinion this is due to the lack of any meaningful character development, in addition to a rather unfocused plot that doesn't really go anywhere. The potential for a laugh out loud comedy with an intriguing plot was there, but unfortunately the film doesn't really take advantage of that potential.

However, that doesn't make Bad Roomies a bad film, per se. It's a half-decent dark comedy that's worth a watch. The only issue is you might find yourself wanting more throughout.