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Barbie is Kara - a modern-day princess with a normal life. Kissed by a butterfly which gives her superpowers and allows her to become a Super Sparkle, she is ready to save the kingdom from evil - were it not for her jealous cousin who is also kissed by the butterfly and becomes her rival and nemesis. Watch as Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle learn that together they can become a great team for good once they learn the power of friendship.

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Barbie in Princess Power movie full length review - It's good

The little girls in the audience were pretending to have princess powers during the end credits so I guess it worked for them.

I found it an at times funny, bright and smart comedy with a few amusing pop culture references and unique 'girly' super hero ideas. The name Barbie is not mentioned at all which was a surprise to me, while the weakest moments were the scenes with the Baron and his frog, all they did was annoy. Musical interludes of pop songs were not bad because they are not overused. The short running time is mandatory thankfully because the backbone of the story about planting a vegetable garden is stretched Once was enough for me but i assume most kids are going to love it.