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Multiple love stories unfold in Barcelona during Christmas's Eve.

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Barcelona Christmas Night movie full length review - Overdose of Talking Heads

I don't think very highly of the creative team for this movie because the only way they know to communicate how a person feels or reacts is to have a big closeup of the actor'

s head while he or she talks (and talks and talks and talks) about how he feels and what he or she feels about the other people. It's rather insulting when a creative person doesn't trust the audience's ability to understand something, and so everything is spelled out like this movie does. Gestures, facial expressions, mood lighting, colors, objects within a scene -- all these ways of communicating with an audience and making the audience curious are seriously under-used. 75% of the dialogue could have been left out; and if the camera had moved in or out more to show detail or give us the bigger picture, it would have been a much richer movie. As it is, it's a series of people's heads with their lips moving ... and saying things that are pretty trite and predictable.