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BASTARD follows newlywed, hitch-hiking serial killers, a brother and sister on the run, and a suicidal, alcoholic cop as they get caught in an increasingly bizarre series of murders committed by a masked killer near a mountain-town bed and breakfast.

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Bastard movie full length review - After Dark Films...

'After Dark Films' is known to be a breeding ground for really bad films - and the 2015 collection doesn't help their case whatsoever.

'Bastard' is about a group of really... interesting people being stalked by, well, the least screwed up individual in the film - two newlywed serial killers, two socially awkward runaways, one suicidal/cross dressing/homosexual cop. If you can get by the worst collection of characters in any film so far this year, you'll probably struggle to get through some of their performances. Ellis Greer, who plays the female serial killer, is probably the worst actor/actress in the bunch. She's a snarling, nasty, foul beast - and that's her most tolerable moments in the film. Dan Creed hams it up, as her better half, but he's simply not there yet, as an actor. The newlywed killers should have been the stand outs in this film, because who wouldn't want to see a showdown between three psychopaths? It simply wouldn't have worked with this cast, though.

As the film rolls on, you start to sympathize with the masked mad man, because he has to put the effort into trying to rid his town of these horrible characters. You also start to consider that maybe one of these people will end up sporting the mask - a twist that you'll hope doesn't exist, because he/she will have to pull off the whole revealing climax scene, that no actor in the film is capable of doing. You won't have long to wait before all is revealed, and your fear turns into reality. Actually, the reveal is about midway, giving you an early out, if you wish to do so - and you probably will. I'm ashamed to say, I made it through the entire film.

Random Ramblings of a Madman: When I first heard about 'Bastard,' I was hopeful for a solid slasher film, but when I saw the words 'After Dark,' hope turned to despair. It's a complete mess, and should not have been released.