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A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth after her brothers disappearance with a mysterious woman.

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Batgirl Rises movie full length review - Solid Batgirl movie

"Batgirl Rises" is a 40-minute short film from half a year ago and it written and directed by Vincent Tran and Riyaana Hartley. For both of them, it is probably the most known work so far.

I must say that I am slightly negatively biased towards the character of Batgirl as I always found Catwoman more interesting, but this film is basically about the events that made Batgirl Batgirl, so it is fine. And I believe Lindsay Heath was a good choice for the character. I liked her acting in here. There were a couple scenes that were too absurd or slightly predictable, but it's never so bad that it destroys the film somehow. A pretty solid watch. I am not sure if I would keep watching if they made a series based on this one, but as a one-time movie it is certainly worth checking out. I also really liked the Riddler scenes. Always nice to see some of the familiar characters. Thumbs up.