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Bruce Wayne is missing. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead. And a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance.

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Batman: Bad Blood movie full length review - A Bloody Mess

Now, I obviously don't give this movie a one, but in order for my vote to make a difference, that's what I have to give it.


-Voice Acting: A lot of the villains have the exact same deep, gravelly voice, which makes them really boring and indistinguishable. Especially when the big bad Heretic's voice is higher pitch than the average C list villain he's employing.

-Dialogue: Too many weird and out of place lines. Black Mask's one liner was forced, the whole Nunjas thing was forced, and there were a lot of weird lines that felt completely out of place. As well, it annoyed me that Kate Kane knew that Dick wasn't Batman. She fought with him once, for all she knows Batman is a team of different people that all put on the cowl, so her cockiness was misplaced.

-Character Development: Too many goddamn characters so not a single one goes through growth. Nightwing doesn't struggle enough with being in Bruce's shadow and never breaks from it because he still gets his butt kicked by Batman at the end of the movie. Damien finally got his butt kicked as much as he deserved and thus wasn't nearly as annoying as usual. Kate Kane had a really tragic back story, but nothing between her and her father was done for her to go through any arch. Batman himself was plagued by pain, yet he never shows any change either. They're all the same static characters that went in, even after everything was over. As well, all the villains were lame and two dimensional. They completely changed Talia's character, changing her sexual allure into just a cold calculating bitch.

-Action: Mediocre at best, too many characters to really give a crap about what was happening. All the villains died anyway, some just luck, which was really quite lame anyways.

So yeah, in the end, the movie was quite bad. The voice acting was too similar and in the end a movie that should have revolved around Dick, really screwed him over at the end. Jay Oliva must really hate him based on the amount of crap he's put him through. There weren't any emotionally touching moments because none of the characters went through any arches. The animation was alright, but there wasn't anything special. There were too many characters on both sides. Talia shouldn't have been in this movie they should have stuck with the Heretic, who was actually starting to become awesome and intimidating right before his lame death. Batwing was just unnecessary and wasn't focused on enough to really make a difference.

4/10: Needs Improvement. Stick to a grittier animation style, like Under the Red Hood. Keep the character count lower. Ditch the whole New 52 series, because it just sucks. These recent DC animated movies, excluding Gods and Monsters and Assault on Arkham, have been hands down the worst DC animated movies ever. Oh, and fire this god awful director, he doesn't know anything about the characters he's working with, ESPECIALLY NIGHTWING, so him making a Nightwing centric movie was just a bad call.