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As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland.

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Batman: The Killing Joke movie full length review - Feminist agenda for President

The animation is crappy and choppy. Made in a rush with no attention to details and they skipped animation frames to rush it out the door. For the inconsistencies you can say that this is a kids animation and they're not smart, but a sex scene in the first 20 minutes and rape = NO.

I really did liked the way Batman is drawn, i give them that. Too bad they had to push the feminist agenda instead of focusing more on the story's logic and making the animation better.

First 20 minutes made me want to stop watching it.

**Spoilers** In order of appearance

- Batgirl gets up on her feet in two seconds after being kicked off from a speeding truck

- The redhead prostitute climbs the stairs like she has a wooden leg

- 3 bad guys on a boat, one gets shot, escape plan is two diving suits

+- Feminist agenda gets into the scene(shy at first). They use the "objectify" word in a sentence that has logic (+ for using logic). But in the end, they feed you that the bad guy objectified the girl (Big feminist issue and they are loud about it, but feminists fighting for equality forget that guys are objectified more often).

- Batgirl hides behind what looks like a wooden armchair and the armchair deflects bullets.

- Batman says that he and Batgirl "are partners but not equals, not even close" (no reason to use exactly those words, but... feminist agenda. And we are left with a taste that Batman is misogynistic)

- Batgirl gets aggressive for being rejected, lands some kicks on Batman and even manages to throw him to the ground after she blames him for things that exist only in her head and because she is in this because of him. (In their pursuit to push the feminist agenda, the writers forgot that Batman doesn't partners with anyone that easy, unless they are orphans or already a vigilante, and Batman doesn't beg them to do it. So her claim that she is in this because of him is just in her head and making Batman responsible for it, but the writers wanted to give you a feeling that it's Batman's fault and show that aggression from women towards men is OK)

- After kicking Batman and throwing him to the ground, Batgirl is on top of him holding his hands to the ground and then kisses him out of the blue without any warning or confirmation. Sex scene follows. Writers show that when a girl jumps a boy it's romantic and she is empowered, if Batman would have hold her hands to the ground and do that he would be a rapist.

- Next scene adds nothing to the story but it's put there because... feminism. Batgirl walks out of a coffeehouse, outside is a pretty(well drawn) girl clinging to an ugly guy. The ugly (intentionally poorly drawn) guy tells her that she is too clingy and he needs space. Batgirl punished the intentionally poorly drawn guy for wanting some space and throws the guy in the bushes out of the blue and the girl gives Batwoman a surprised look, like she was shown the correct way and the writers manage to send that message. If Batman would have done that to the girl he would have been a horrible person.

- Batgirl calls Batman, talk for 50 seconds. Timer shows only 5 seconds when hanging up.

- Missile hits Batman's car. Car rolls over. The batmobile only has a flaming tire, smoke inside the car. Batman being into his seat belt struggles to pull the ejection lever (why? did he got dizzy that easy?)

- Second missile turns the batmobile to ashes.

- Batman is rescued by Batgirl who slams the bad guy into crates at high speed from a motorcycle. The crates are destroyed, the bad guy got up on his feet 2 seconds later (he doesn't get dizzy that easy ?)

- Batgirl kicks the bad guy into other crates, the crates get destroyed and the bad guy is now way dizzier. A girl power kick is more powerful than being slammed into crates from a speeding motorcycle.

- I'm 30 minutes into the movie. It seems that this far the movie is only good at advancing feminist propaganda and was rushed out the door in order to do just that.

- A cop lifts the police tape, but Batman can walk trough it with the costume's bat ears without breaking it (ghost bat ears power)

- The man Joker used to be, is portrayed as an unfunny comedian (See the 2016 Ghostbusters failing)

- The Joker is portrayed as a rapist

+ The movie is 1h 16min. Half way trough the movie (40 min) Batgirl exits the scene, feminist propaganda stops and the story gets "closer" to what Batman should be about. Still an empty story more appropriate for a 2nd hand TV episode.

- It suddenly stops

The movie had no substance, like its only purpose is to brainwash kids for feminism and they squeezed in a deal where they also get half of the movie where it's not just about using the Batman franchise to push feminists agenda. First half of the movie has nothing to do with the second half. You could have watched them separately and one would be a feminist propaganda movie with poorly animations and inconsistencies using the Batman franchise and the second one just a poorly drawn Batman animation with no substance. Stitched together just to force you to watch the feminist part.

And so, feminists agenda being pushed out for Hillary Clinton as president, ruins Batman.

Hopefully when the political race will end, they will stop ruining movies.