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The Joker is aided in his Halloween quest to render modern technology useless and take over Gotham City by Solomon Grundy, Silver Banshee, Clayface and Scarecrow.

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Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem movie full length review - The starting ten minutes were boring, but I stuck to it till the end and was rewarded.

Riding on the success of Batman Unlimited Animal Insticts, this is a worthy sequel and will appeal to comic book lovers of the original Batman created by Bob Kane.

The plot of the animated film follows The Jokers devious plan to unleash a deadly computer virus and thereby bringing Gotham to its knees. Scarecrow, Clayface, Silver Banshee and Solomon Grundy have been recruited for by the Joker to aid him in his mission.

All the characters have been beautifully voice-acted, the Joker in particular by Troy Baker. Veteran actress Kari Wuhrer voice-acts Silver Banshee and Alastair Duncan who has starred in such cult films like Split Second (1992) and Tower of Terror (1997), voice-acts Alfred Pennyworth.

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Thank you for reading my review. May you live long and prosper.