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Set in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago, BAZODEE is a Bollywood style Caribbean musical about being true to yourself and honest in love at all costs.

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Bazodee movie full length review - This Movie Will Leave You Bazodee with a Smile

The characters of Bazodee have you laughing from beginning to end. A colorful and festive romantic comedy with some high tempo Soca beats to make you wiggle in your seat.

There are beautiful shots of Trinidad and Tobago throughout the movie. It's definitely a promo for tourism and Caribbean exposure. It's a simple and predictable story line but the local Trini characters keep you glued to every word that they say with their deadpan humor. Or should I say sing...that accent is so sweet! Overall it's marvelous mix to see an East and West cast collaborate to create a successful and groundbreaking movie just as the lead characters create a soulful unity themed plot regardless of race and social status. If only this can transcend into reality but it definitely a positive start. Unity through musical entertainment! Bazodee all the way! ~Atevac