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Obsessed with making a movie with Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, a young man in Romania goes to shocking extremes using three local actresses to shoot scenes from the movie to send to Anne as proof of his filmmaking skills.

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Be My Cat: A Film for Anne movie full length review - Found footage at its best

I had the opportunity to check Be My Cat, and it is pretty difficult to describe the film. Not often am I up to watch a thriller like this as I wouldn't say we are talking about a horror. Indeed, it has its elements, but rather one has to deal with a clever psycho- thriller.

Adrian Tofei is an OK writer as I think he unfortunately wrote extremely naive girls into his script. He is a good director as the "film-in-a-film" concept works pretty well. But he is a superb actor. Period. I was amazed by some of his monologues and the chemistry between Alexandra Stroe and him. By the way, the two should be discovered soon as actors. The last 15 minutes they did together was more than fascinating.

Unfortunately, negative points arose as well as some effects - yes, blood - could have been better and after I finished the movie, I had a funny feeling, Mr Tofei might have forgotten to finish his movie in a proper way.

Even if you are fed up with found footage genre, you should give a chance to Be My Cat. Nicely acted, well-executed and memorable scenes what it can offer. An innovative, brave and groundbreaking film.