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Before I Wake is a haunting, emotionally absorbing supernatural thriller about an orphaned child whose dreams - and nightmares - manifest physically as he sleeps.

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Before I Wake movie full length review - Then a butterfly led me to Jacob

So, is Sunday at night, nothing on TV and I found myself looking for something to watch online, because I have a flu and cannot leave my place. Very disheartening to have a flu and nothing to do.

.. just to see a movie. Then I saw the poster, and a butterfly led me to Jacob Tremblay. I don't know why. I just love Thomas Jane, but I didn't care, just wanted to see why people talk a lot about Tremblay. This was my opportunity to see what he can do. And, yes... thank you freaking flu for make me do this search! I just met a child who I will admire from now on. I loved the movie, it was a new point in dreams come true, not in the Freddy Krueger way but something original. We have the mind of a child working here, a very powerful mind working, and not kidding. Truth to be told: I have friends of mine, that lost a child (for cancer, incredibly) and Thomas did it great, he convinced me (as always) and reminded me that dad I knew in real life. Damn! Was exactly like him. Kate did it just fine, a good work. She is beautiful and stunning, a great actress, but didn't reminded me to that mother I met, I couldn't fine the pain I saw once there, or close to it. But, she acted well, her performance was very good. Just didn't reach me. Again, she is really stunning. The children in the movie did great also. Sometimes kids are distracting with bad acting (they are kids, is understandable) but wasn't the case here, they played their part very cool, fair to say. But Jacob is a huge spectacle! This kid is awesome, seriously. I haven't see that talent since young age of Dakota Fanning. I just loved him. He just have won a new fan here for life. Back to the movie, the script is very good, but it could have been better, specially with "Jessie" and "Mark" conversations. And they should do a deep work in the school. The photography is beautiful, and the images are so clear and "dreamful", the fantasy part is a work of art... and the creepy parts are creepy, totally awesome. Just a few jump-scares, enough and no more. It wasn't really necessary, because the very point in the movie are not the dreams or nightmares, but the loss (I don't have kids, but I cannot imagine worst pain than that loosing a son or daughter, and for what I saw in real life friends, it must been horrible) of a loved one, letting go, deal with pain, and what someone are capable of for getting back the one who loved. This movie is not horror or terror at all, but a psychological supernatural drama, or a psychological fantasy drama. Anyways, the end is just (no spoiling here) a bittersweet road, I liked it, and it touched me... is not the typical ending in this kind of movies, is not predictable. You have to understand it to like it, really. So: I jut loved it, and recommend it. 10/10 (it was 9/10 because I wanted more, but Jacob was so awesome that I can't help myself to give that point up) Watch it, and judge yourself. Greetings