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Before I Wake is a haunting, emotionally absorbing supernatural thriller about an orphaned child whose dreams - and nightmares - manifest physically as he sleeps.

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Before I Wake movie full length review - Nothing short of majestic...

I just wish their could of been a novel as well to be able to hold onto the those precious moments longer, really delve fully into the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist

, you almost wish it was a show and you could watch this protagonist grow up before your eyes for there is so much one can do with this gift/curse, whatever it is, it is doubtless an extraordinary experience for the viewer to be there whilst he goes through it all himself; learns to master his craft; learns how to attain wisdom; appropriate his needs dutifully; garnish art; adorn the dull; and perhaps even annihilate the "evil". There is so much material by which one can form moral dispositions bolstered by really rich undercurrents. For the material will always be teeming with creative scientific modes of life and all its vast ontological aspects and possibilities. He is playing God in a real life setting with an omni-omniscient voice you get only in novels. With his extraordinary gift every single scene has the potential to circumscribe philosophical ideologies, political and social doctrines; dogmas; social conditioning and god know what else whereon all of which can be expatiated to deliver the answers to burning questions which have plagued the learned, erudite minds with its all encompassing web which make up the warp and woof of our human condition, our human enigma since the dawning of the intellectual era. Hell you could do this show all over the world and it would yet sustain its unique and special value in all sorts of sociological paradigms. But I digress...

This flix to me, seemed to have a immanent course on adoption twined with the undercurrent which raised questions about the common theme of filial bonds unto itself. Our fears as a father, as a mother, as a family, as an adopted family to which the spurious genetic bloody imprint which makes for an always narrow-minded, pathetic, intolerant puritanism to pervade and preside over tattling provinces with the rest of the captious and petty scandal-mongers.

Growing up with these heretical social mores and corollary factions implanted over our formative years set the frame for an offing manifesting spectral tales disseminating from the propaganda machine whereupon we lick it up in nice obsequious dollops. We as potential parents tend to go through every other route before even beginning to consider this wonderful option. And as you can see in this super cool flix, the characters let us know through their own personal discourse how they were able to overcome these fallacious obstacles to by-pass the terrible filial crux scrawled in blood on stone whence the darkest most vile millenniums were borne. Whereby truly turning an absurd situation into something wonderful and completely natural for the parents and the poor lost tyke. Really truly a wonderful flix, you can put whatever tag, label, whereto file it away in a cozy lil' cubbyhole in which you feel most comfortable trying to gird another creative essence; but I would much rather simply call it a really fun super cool flix!