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A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems, and native communities across the planet.

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Before the Flood movie full length review - Not an educational "act now" documentary. Rather "This is how your children die"

Before the Flood starts off with explanations and facts that are pretty much an answer to the question "can you explain them to me like I am 5 years old?

" After the cringe-worthy quotes about how we do not want to live in the planet without certain animal species and how the water level rises - we move on to more mature subjects.

The next big thing seems to be interviewing people who basically say "I told you so." Of course no one listened. Then we are explained why no one listened. This is because American politicians are corrupted. Oil industry started their own "research" companies that are totally biased and spread lies and anti-facts propaganda about climate being a myth and god bless America. Basically politicians were being politicians and people cared more about money than the future of our species + trusted their fantasy book's religions more than to things that actually might be true. I.e. We are humans and some humans are like that. At this point I am wondering why would anyone care because nothing matters as long as China keeps burning coal.

How predictably/unpredictably the next thing we see are people speaking mandarin. China is not introduces as the bad guy here. They actually care a lot. Wind power, solar power, you name it. "It is cool guys, we are totally abandoning coal." This is bullshit of course. There is so much pollution you can't even see the solar panels. "I tried." Yes you did, and now everyone will die. It is as much of an opinion based question as the temperature at which the water boils.

At least we can all fix this easily. Some say you just change your light bulbs and don't drive car that much. Use public transportation. These were the solutions 20 years ago. Now the situation is over. I lied. It is not "we can still easily fix it", it is "we could have easily fixed it." Now the options are limited - such as invent time machine and go back in time for 20 years. Or save the human race by moving it to another planet. Earth is save, it doesn't care. It has taken worse, it survives this easily, and in few million years, it is like nothing ever happened. But we don't. We are already dead.

India. Yeah, there are apparently more people without electricity in India than there are people in America. Over 300 million. Guess we can't blame them. Nothing pollutes as much as first world human. Giving birth is a selfish act, so I guess we can't exactly forgive India which is the most populated country in the world. Scene from the TV series Utopia - offering more interesting pov's than this documentary:

Maybe it was inevitable. Maybe it was a good thing, that no one did anything. Science is forced to develop. Maybe we will be the last carbon based life forms before we create A.I's that can live in pollution, or make us androids that can manage in apocalyptic worlds even. I don't think we did a mistake when we sealed our fates and destroyed ourselves. I don't think we should be afraid at all that we will die and extinct. I think we should be exited to leave room for something more advanced than us.

Thanks for reading this non-edgy review and educating yourself with its positive outlook on humanity. Here is a climate change related sketch from the TV series 'The Office' as a reward: