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A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems, and native communities across the planet.

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Before the Flood movie full length review - "Before The Flood" - A Discomforting and Necessary Revelation

What does the name "The Garden of Earthly Delights" suggests? A parkland filled with lovely sights and pleasing sounds, perhaps.

However, a 15th century triptych (or a 3-fold tablet painting) by Bosch of the same title presents a contrasting story ? the transition from the birth, through evolution and maturity, and the eventual death of mankind. It seems usual to think about, until one realises that the death is "eternal damnation", instead.

As a presenter and co-producer, Leonardo DiCaprio begins through the production-diaries of his Academy Award winning performance in the epic-western - "The Revenant", and takes us through a 3 year long journey of traveling and proactively interacting with eminent personalities, striving everyday of their lives to resolve the looming issue of global climate change. The rhythmic-transition of timeline is bulleted with historical references of "persons, places, animals and things". An hour-and-a- half long, it unfurls from introducing the present times as habitable enough to unearthing the more surprising and shocking events that have occurred and what lays in the near future, of which natural calamities are the least of worries.

As we progress, some generic questions are raised? "How pessimistic or optimistic are we ? as individuals and as society?"; "Are we doing enough to improve, or even trying to do so?" Every answer is followed by more questions in the light of hard- evidence against the climate change. Sure, it is convenient to deny and overlook the difficult questions, but if doing so helped we would have had attained the solutions long ago.

By this juncture, our senses feel a little over-burdened with worries about the state of environmental affairs ? carbon-footprint, global warming and emissions, seasonal anomalies, health hazards, economic backwardness, et al. Hereafter, we meander into a trajectory of progressive approaches with energy-alternatives and optimized planning for the environmentally impacted socio-economic era. Though, the real catharsis is awaited, for we may amaze at the beauty and scorn at the squalor (unpretentiously presented by the director Fisher Stevens, known for "The Cove"), and even appreciate the collective-wisdom of Pope Francis, Sunita Narain, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, John Kerry; but it all comes down to "acting upon" and that too, urgently.

People weren't even aware of such adversaries 100 years ago; today we are and yet choosing immaturely to continue the negligent ways. Metaphorically, presented with a simple choice - quite similar to the one given in "The Matrix" to Neo ? to choose between a "pill" - either choose to go back to the "dream-world", old-life of carefree ways; or pick the one that doesn't make you forget, subsequently giving birth to a new consciousness and cautiousness.

The documentary doesn't present anything new except for some statistics and the narrative-depictions but necessitates the clearing of uncertainty in thoughts for making efforts to "try, prompt and unite ourselves" everyday to save and improve the living- conditions for Earth, the nature and therefore, our own species.

Rating - 8.5/10

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