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Having previously investigated the architecture of Hitler and Stalin's regimes, Jonathan Meades turns his attention to another notorious 20th-century European dictator, Mussolini. His travels take him to Rome, Milan, Genoa, the new town of Sabaudia and the vast military memorials of Redipuglia and Monte Grappa. When it comes to the buildings of the fascist era, Meades discovers a dictator who couldn't dictate, with Mussolini caught between the contending forces of modernism and a revivalism that harked back to ancient Rome. The result was a variety of styles that still influence architecture today. Along the way, Meades ponders on the nature of fascism, the influence of the Futurists, and Mussolini's love of a fancy uniform.

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Ben Building: Mussolini, Monuments and Modernism movie full length review - Still influencing architecture today

A documentary on Fascist era architecture in Italy and it's influence on the post WW2 modern architecture mostly in the westernized cultures. What the fascist movement brought forth is a strange mix of overly decorative 19th Century style buildings and early 20th Century modern minimalist buildings.

This documentary does not show you the post WW2 architecture rather it shows strictly the Mussolini era buildings and it is up to the viewer to make the connection with today's world. It is doubtful a person that doesn't share an interest in architecture would actually watch this documentary therefore the producers do not need to 'spell it out' for the average viewer. Personally I believe if anyone who has no interest in art and architecture were to watch this production they would be left wondering what they just watched.

But if you do have an interest in early 20th Century politics, art and architecture, and history you will find this documentary informative, spot on, and entertaining. I found many elements on the monuments to WW1 soldiers to be a real eye opener.