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While testing the latest first person shooter from global game developer, Sentinel, video game champion Max Troy discovers the events happening within the game are being reflected in the real world. He soon determines that the game's protagonist is real-life Orson Creed, an ex-Sentinel employee who is being remotely controlled by the corporation for reasons unknown. As virtual and real worlds collide, Max and Creed must join forces to unravel the conspiracy before the game's sinister events escalate and overwhelm the city.

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Beta Test movie full length review - This takes the cake

Wow, this is bad...really really really bad.

The concept was good, but the delivery was pathetic.

It's very hard to make a conversion between a video game and reality and joining the two to be interactive as it would be in the real world is just asinine.

The story was lost 5 minutes after the story began and it could never be reclaimed to make any coherent sense after that.

Getting an advance screening did nothing to make this any better.

There are few films which are as bad as this right off the start, but this one is among the top of the heap.

At least some of the other movies have an idea of how bad the script was and don't try to capitalize on it too much - and don't expect to gain a mass audience.

This tries to entice the view with an interesting concept and what could have been a great story but was sooooo poorly structured that it fell apart well before production ended.

Another 30 rewrites and then some much needed pre-production ideas and discussions were needed before the first minute of filming began.

Seriously flawed and horribly casted from the "bad guys" and in general.

I saved the rental and theatre cost and am all the better for doing so.

There are much better movies out there which still suck...go watch one of those and leave this one for the production company to rethink on how stupid and what a failure this film was and how much more thought is needed to make something remotely interesting and worthwhile watching, if not great.

Everybody makes mistakes in life...and this is one of the mistakes that people make - either by watching or being part of the movie in any form.