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A trip to the store turns into a surreal nightmare when a college student is kidnapped by a deranged, dysfunctional family. Now Audra West finds herself trapped in the middle of the desert, and betrothed to Adam, the youngest son of the murderous clan. As a determined detective conducts a frantic search, Audra realizes the only way to survive is to escape. But even if she could get away, almost two hundred miles of desert lies between her and help.

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Betrothed movie full length review - Fun Bloodbath!!!

Okay, so this isn't an Academy Award winning film but it never intends to be. What it is however, is a fun and entertaining splatter popcorn flick.

The opening was a little rough but once it transitioned into the main story it increasingly got better. The mom and her sons reminded me of the movie "Mother's Day" Their relationship was deliciously devious. The girl who played Audra did a good job but the actress who played Emily was fantastic. Other highlights include Ethan (Joey Bell) who made for a surprising twist at the halfway mark. He was definitely a standout for me and I won't leave spoilers but let's say his character arc was intriguing and "escalated quickly." He really gave a terrific performance as an emotionally scarred and abused teen. He is a terrific actor and has a bright future ahead of him. His character arc was plausible and realistic for what he had been through. You'll be surprised by some of his actions. I won't spoil it for you but let's just say things "escalated quickly" I'll just leave it there. You have to watch to see what I'm talking about ;-)

Overall a fun and entertaining bloodbath homage to the backwoods horror stories of yesteryear. If you're a fan of these kind of movies you will love this one! Check it out!