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Beyond the Bridge movie full length review - Beyond the bridge - an (indie) psycho-thriller that will surprise you

"Beyond the bridge" is an excellent psycho-thriller which really is able to turn your world upside down.

DoP Robert Staffl did a great job. By using unusual and "silent-hill-like" camera angles, the audience is pulled deep into the story. The author, producer and director Daniel P. Schenk did a fantastic job as well. He knows exactly how to create a coherent, thrilling and powerful mood at once. Whereas there are smooth and suspenseful scenes alternating, even the peacefullest shots are still filled up with the young protagonists outcry for help, which increases the pressure that permeates the whole film. Additionally, the usage of great symbols and optimally sophisticated details makes the movie telling more than one only story. Yet you watch the film twice or even more often, there's still something left to discover. Thus you can enjoy Beyond the bridge as a crime thriller, psycho-thriller and as a film containing socio-critical elements.

Starting as an usual psycho-thriller, the movie deals with all the genre-typical clichés, twisting them and ending in a way that no one would ever expect.

I can really recommend Beyond the bridge as I enjoyed it in a deep and mysterious way.