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Two estranged brothers reunite at their missing father's video store to liquidate the property and sell off his assets. As they dig through the store, they find a VCR board game dubbed 'Beyond The Gates' that holds a connection to their father's disappearance and deadly consequences for anyone who plays it.

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Beyond the Gates movie full length review - Jumanji Meets Evil !!!!

Woww..I would rate this as the best movie of 2016 so far...A great concept and wonderful entertainment which will takes us back to the 80's starting from opening credits to the end.

.Am very much fortunate to witness to see this movie at London frightfest.The whole audience in the theatre were immersed in the movie by cheering,shouting and laughing through out the movie and has given a huge applause after the movie finish..All actors have done great justice to the characters..Lot's of highly enjoyable moment's throughout the movie. Hat's off to the director to pull of something a movie like this.

A movie that should not be missed at any cost!!!