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A high-rolling corporate shark and his impoverished young guide play the most dangerous game during a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert.

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Beyond the Reach movie full length review - Just another Hollywood crap

Typical starting scene: pussy whipped boy worshiping a girl.

Then from the point when Douglas enters the film up until he strips pussy whipped Ben in the desert.. movie was very promising... especially when he stalks him around the desert.

Then comes the power lines #277 ... I knew the movie was destroyed then. I wasn't wrong for the next hour.

First of all, a guy dumb enough not to get into any college surely cannot outsmart a veteran hunter (not to mention a self made millionaire) - if that's what the Madec character is supposed to be - yet the pussywhip manages to have a clear throat to shout under the hot sun.. not to mention his memory seems 100% aware while being countless hours in the desert naked.

Continuing from #277... out of no where the director put a small cave leading to an inhabited mine which was used by Charlie... and then there are the shoes.. perfect size for Mr. Pussywhip.. and Charlie went out to get himself killed without wearing shoes?

Then when Douglas wants to enter the mine.. the wind whistled and told Mr. Pussywhip that danger is arriving.. so the wind lead him to go hide back in the tunnel. Then the dynamite.. somehow for a guy who's been boiling under the desert sun managed to sense it blowing near him.. so he got the energy of a football player and charged out of the mines before it exploded.

Moving forward more crap scenes.. Douglas gets fed up and decides to aim ... but he keeps missing. However he managed to strike at Charlie earlier in the movie from a distance with the sun facing directly at him.. just more & more Hollywood crap.

Then comes the slingshot scene.. unbelievably terrible idea, not to mention stupid.

Forwarding some crap scenes till the very end.. a millionaire/billionaire that walked away as Douglas did isn't stupid enough to hunt him again (not to mention his eyebrow wound is still not covered) .. and on top of that.. Douglas knew which state, city, and exact house they were in...

On top of that Mr. pussywhip's girlfriend all the sudden has the reflex of a veteran assassin and a veteran intelligence officer combined.. she shoots Douglas while she was sleeping.

As sad as it was for me to spend time writing this review.. I was excited to see Douglas' new movie but this... it's priceless!

Nonetheless, what was upsetting in this movie the most is the wrong facts about a human who's skin is burning under the hot sun and how the human body reacts... they certainly don't have the sudden urge to run and climb around like a chimpanzee; neither do they have the urge to want to survive. People burning under the sun rather beg for death.. yet Hollywood made Mr. pussywhip survive so he can go back at the end of the movie to worship his girl. Another Hollywood marvel, good job.