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A scientist creates a toxic cocktail that is accidentally unleashed into the local population and a nearby police "body farm" - creating a small army of flesh-eating zombies - and only one creature of legend, a killer in his own right, can stop the growing hordes of the undead and save humanity.

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Bigfoot vs. Zombies movie full length review - One Shouldn't Expect High Art

Bigfoot Vs. Zombies (2016)

** (out of 4)

Scientists working on a body farm and curious why a few of their "examples" have disappeared. At first they think it's a bear or something but soon they realize that the chemical injected into the bodies are making them return to life. All is okay though because Bigfoot comes out of the woods to help destroy the zombies.

Look, if you're watching a no budget film called BIGFOOT VS. ZOMBIES then you should know what you're getting yourself into. If you're expecting some sort of high art then I'd recommend you go watch CITIZEN KANE if you haven't already. If you've seen that then perhaps Bergman's SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE will suit you. If you're a fan of low-budget non-sense that isn't meant to be taken serious then you might get a few laughs out of this film.

Again, this film wasn't made to be some sort of Oscar-winning classic. I must admit that I enjoyed the film for what it was. When I say there was no budget here it's the truth because the zombies aren't even done with make-up. Instead the zombies are simply actors in Halloween masks and there's no attempt to make them look real. The Bigfoot costume is something they obviously got at a Halloween store and it too looks 100% fake but I'd take this over those horrid CGI Bigfoots that we've seen on several SyFy movies.

The performances are pretty much what you'd expect but I must say that they at least made the characters mildly amusing. Director Mark Polonia thankfully did what he could with his budget and he wasn't trying to pretend that he had money that he didn't really have. I hate low-budget movies that try to accomplish something more than what they can deliver and it usually leads to something lacking. BIGFOOT VS. ZOMBIES had very little money but at least they delivered something mildly entertaining and goofy fun.