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When the Jade Empress steals the world's largest diamonds, super heroes Bikini Avenger and Thong Girl must stop her before she uses the gems to build a dangerous sci-fi weapon.

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Bikini Avengers movie full length review - Tired rehash of Bikini movies

Suppose you had a surprise birthday party from all your closest friends and found out no frosting was on your cake? Well, Bikini Avengers is a film that feels like that.

All the ingredients are there, but something's missing. Erika Jordan who was so hot in Dirty Blondes From Beyond is back without the spunk she had when she played a nasty alien invader. She is now a very quiet-talking masked superhero disguised as a reporter. Her newer cast mates like Jaqui Holland, (a batman-type partner) all talk like 14 year old Valley Girls on sedation until we reach nude scenes much like reruns from Bikini Airways, but again, sound is missing and covered more by music. Without her clothes, Erika's voice seems to have been dubbed in by Chistine Nuygen who doesn't have a part to play in this sequel either. Eric Masterson is back sprouting gray hair and a double chin, not adding much excitement to his quiet cast. Nick Manning does well as the super duo's newspaper editor, very similar to World Wrestling's ringside TV announcer.