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A family move into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their new home has a disturbing history and that they aren't alone…

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Bind movie full length review - What the 'beep' did I just watch ((Spoilers))

Where do I start, oh boy!!!! This movie had the potential to become a good horror piece, instead its a 'sh**' horror piece. Seriously what was the director thinking, or should I say why wasn't he thinking?

So many bad scenes, bad camera angles, over the top acting, weak script, story started really well but what the F*** happened with the ending? Was he dreaming everything while out cold? Or was it the alternate ending?

When the wife looks at the drawings, the same image is shown like 3 times. When the husband keeps saying, "I saw her" the wife doesn't even bother to ask "Who". She just keeps yelling and yelling. Why wasn't this movie made sensibly?

Towards the end the movie suggested that Ben and Laura had an affair. Nothing was established. They should have at least shown us the flashback or given us some idea about the events that they both are talking about. But if the whole thing was a dream then that would have been senseless too.

All in all this movie sucked. Please save your time and do not watch it. I am giving this 2 star only for the effort, and also because I never give any film 1 star.