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A family move into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their new home has a disturbing history and that they aren't alone…

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Bind movie full length review - Use the Google, Luke

The entire movie is predicated on the idea that a family moves into a house where something bad happened - 3 girls were murdered by another girl (that was possessed) that subsequently committed suicide.

The family moves in, the former owner of the house shows up and tries to convince the family to leave because "something bad happened" but is interrupted by the real estate guy.

The family is like: "Huh. I wonder what happened here." and promptly moves in. Hello? 2016 anyone?

The teenage daughter in the movie is on her smartphone texting like all the frigging time. She should be able to Google all the details about the house like 30 seconds after the creepy incident. But nooo... Things have to spiral out of control and then they meet with the former owner who gives them a scrap-book with the newspapers clips about the murders that happened in 2004 - you know, back in the day when EVERYBODY WAS ALREADY ONLINE AND NOT USING SCRAPBOOKS TO STORE NEWSPAPER CUT-OUTS.

The person who made this movie is either 100 years old and their world stopped in 1993 or 16 years old and thinks 2004 was in the Middle Ages.

Other than that: Boring. Incoherent story. Sex scene and a shower scene with zero nudity (if your budget is so low you cannot get the lady to even show her naked back to imply nudity, skip the sex scene and the shower scene please, it is just pathetic...).