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Little baby needs his pacifier, but loses it during a heist in a museum. What will he do?

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Binky Nelson Unpacified movie full length review - Mostly forgettable spin-off

"Binky Nelson Unpacified" is an animated short film from last year that brings back some of the characters from the Minions movie and tells a little story about their baby's lost pacifier.

The parents think he has to get along without it, but Binky won't let go and goes on an adventure to the local museum in his attempts to get it back. I personally did not enjoy the watch here. It was never entertaining and the question if he gets it back or not was just never really interesting either. I don't think these characters were interesting enough to be given their own (short) film, even if I kinda like Keaton and Janney and they were a bit wasted here. I am also disappointed with Joubert and Lynch as I expected better from them given the fact that they have delivered in terms of quality and quantity during their careers. This one here is probably among their most forgettable. I don't recommend the watch.