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A documentary exploring how money and the trading of value has evolved, culminating in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It movie full length review - Very Bias, Yet Some Good Information. Avoid Bitcoin!

90% of this documentary is about money, including history of money - which is pretty informative. Authors certainly had the right idea with the movie to show how our current currency isn't working that well.

I can only assume they are deeply invested in this digital currency as they certainly pushing it. Instead of providing more info and ideas on how to fix the system, they are trying to prove to the viewer how bitcoin is the answer - and it's NOT. At least not currently in its present form.

I'll start this by saying. PLEASE PLEASE do NOT buy the idea of bitcoin. This is not a currency,but more like a stock that goes up and down. In 2011 it was nearly worthless then around 2014 it was worth around $1200 then went down to less than $180. It's definitely not an investment in any way or form. It's casino platform with bitcoin as a chip. An average person has no use of bitcoin. It's an excellent way for criminals to receive payments and perhaps geeks who just like new stuff. Truth is, bitcoin is not the only digital currency. There are 1000s of them,but it's the most known and valued.

A lot of bitcoin users are gamblers and if you Gooogle, you will find 1000s upon 1000s of stories about people losing everything because they bought it at one price,but then it went down and they had to sell it to recover at least some. Those who bought bitcoin in 2014 for $1200 expected it to go up and unfortunately it went down and I know a few people who bought $100,000s worth of of bitcoins which later became worth 10 times less.

So authors of this movie failed to provide all of this information to the viewer as they are clearly bias. Not even going to mention the 10 star reviews from those who've never reviewed anything - just makes me question the legitimacy of this documentary. If they truly had viewers interests in mind, they would include all the things I provided in detail instead of forcing the viewer to see how bitcoin is the solution.