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A modern retelling of Anna Sewell’s classic novel, Black Beauty explores the heartfelt story of 15 year-old Audry who makes the discovery of a lifetime whilst volunteering at a city animal shelter. Rescued from an abusive owner and recovering from a traumatic past, Black Beauty possesses a most unique quality of character, endearing itself to Audry and her Grandpa who adopt the horse in order to give it a second chance and perhaps even help revitalize their own family situation. Aided by dedicated trainer James and tested by the many challenges of equine life, Black Beauty has his work cut out for him as he embarks on a remarkable journey of discovery and friendship.

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Black Beauty movie full length review - It's nowhere near as bad as everyone said it was..

"Black Beauty," a film centering on a 15 year-old girl who volunteers at a city pound, and convinces her Grandfather in the country to adopt a horse that was rescued from an abusive owner.

They spend the summer rehabilitating "Black Beauty." Well i didn't expect this film to have great reviews but my god it's nowhere near as bad as a 3.6/10 it's still a sweet film with a really nice message and i'm sure it will eventually find it's right audience and i honestly think that the girl Audry (Jennifer Mckenzie) and Bruce Davison as Grandpa did a pretty good job as for the rest of the cast Luke Perry was decent but it does have issues mostly with the script where they try to throw in a love story and a rivalry between this girl and some big shot rich chick who by the way was awful both as a character and as an actress but overall i did found myself enjoying this movie it had 2 great performances, a sweet story and i knew what i was getting into and if you give it a chance you might enjoy it (7.7/10)