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Two professional con artist sisters go on the run and assume the identities of The Wilding Sisters, guest stars of a poetry retreat in the depths of the Black Mountains. A romantic comedy drama about love, crime, spirituality, and soul

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Black Mountain Poets movie full length review - Duplicity, Camping and Poetry in this rather good Brit Indie.

Lisa and Claire are sisters who are petty con artists and would be digger thieves. After an uninspired heist goes a bit awry they decide to go on the run?..to Wales.

However, their cunning plan involves them assuming the roles of Internationally renowned sister poets ? The Wilding Sisters, and go off to a poetry retreat in the Black Mountains of Wales.

Once there they soon immerse themselves in their strange new World and go on a journey both physically and emotionally that involves more than a smattering of free form poetry.

Now this stars the wonderful Alice Lowe who was in 'Sightseers' and 'Locke' and she is just perfect in this role, getting the character just right and the physical comedy too. It also has Tom Cullen ('The Five') as Richard who is 'artistically blocked' in the verse department and he nails it completely. That said there is nothing but great performances here and the laughs keep coming. This is the sort of film where you miss things as there is so much packed in. The direction and cinematography and just about everything are all great and made this a very enjoyable and rewarding watch that I can happily recommend.