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Percy and Veronica have been housesitting at a palatial modern spread in the Hollywood Hills for the summer, but the real world of New York, jobs and young professional struggles are merely days away. Nonetheless they are in a hurry to leave this paradise, because the tranquility was broken by an unwanted visit by former college classmate Freedgood. His time since their liberal arts' years has been marked by imprisonment, shady business associations, and drug dealing. And as we learn quickly, this has lead to the man's demise, an interested LAPD detective, and a longing for the everyday strife that seems so much more desirable than staying in their false Eden.

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Blood in the Water movie full length review - Awesome film

Blood in the Water is an intense sexy thriller that revolves around an attractive young LA couple, Veronica (Willa Holland) and Percy (Alex Russell), who while house-sitting in the beautiful Hollywood Hills gets visited by Percy's former frat brother (Miguel Gomez).

Freedgood (Miguel Gomez) introduces the couple to the dangerous world of drug-dealing and other criminal activities that kept me in suspense the entire time. It shows the dangers of risky and illegal behavior and shows just how far one would go to keep the appearance of a lavish lifestyle. It also includes an edgy love triangle that adds to the deception and greed of the story. The scandalous behavior between the characters gives the plot momentum and leads to an incredible ending the I never saw coming. It also shows Veronica's skepticism of both men and includes her struggling between her feelings between the two. If you enjoy dramatic and engaging thrillers, I absolutely recommend this one.