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A couple hiking Mount Whitney runs into a group of mountain men who develop a dark obsession with the young woman.

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Blue Jay movie full length review - This movie was made as a filler for nothing

Someone please tell me why was this movie made? What? Very frustrated after seeing this movie. I wanted to see Blue Jay by Alexandre Lehmann, but this is some other movie by the same name.

For the record, this movie has no connection with Blue Jay. Its not even worth the trouble writing a review for this movie, the only reason I am writing is because it upset me off to have wasted my time on this utter waste of a movie. I didn't really follow the reason for someone to have made this movie....Thrill, Adventure, Mystery, nothing...does not even classify as a B or C grade movie. Nothing.

I was expecting some better stuff than this, the start had some promise. But it just senselessly went on building up on some non existent suspense. I kept searching the web to find out frankly is this movie for real or did the title change by mistake. But no. I couldn't even find a reference to this movie anywhere. Then I started searching by the cast, finally I landed on to it. And I had to write about it. Don't even bother reading this review till the end. Just follow the first line and drop any intentions of watching this movie. And if you do, please after that at least come and rank my review higher.