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With Blue Mountain State football star Thad Castle recently signing a multi-million dollar NFL contract, his teammates and college life seem like a distant memory. However, when a new school dean threatens to clean up the BMS image by auctioning off the infamous Goat House, Alex, Sammy and the boys must find a way to convince him to get involved. Despite his new fortune and fame, there is one small favor that Thad needs done before he saves the day: the biggest booze-and-sloot fest in BMS history. Welcome to Thadland!

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Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland movie full length review - Got the main theme but lost the essence of the show

Really loved the show. The whole idea was great and there was so much character potential. Too bad they blew it. It seems like the whole main theme in the series was lost.

The main point was to do well in football and then all the crazy parties that went along with it. All the drama and thrill of being a football player in college. Alright real life football players probably never did this but hey. But they lost it. It went too far. The plot is loose and introduces way too many new people and a whole new scenario. I love the end plot twist with Thad being broke, that really hit the character of Thad. But the rest of the plot went bongos. Yeah there was some great scenes but they went too far out. The drugs were too many and too much, the feces and pee fumes... I just did not buy it as a real thing, yeah yeah maybe it was not meant to be seen as real but hey they always stuck to reality somewhat in the series. The whole plot just seems as they tried to find a way to shove as many characters from the series as they could into the movie. I like that they brought back the old players but that was not Shilo or Randall. Even coach Daniels is not really coach Daniels, but to be fair it was not as far off. And what happened to Jon-Jon he was a nice guy, gave a good twist. Randall seemed way different and Thad just somehow came off as too pathetic. They should have kept football as the focus. So after a long rant my conclusion is that even though I did not like the movie I still got my fat ass off the sofa and watched it. I still like BMS and what they should have done, really is re-air it. Make Moran train up someone new, bring the Pros into it and show their story, instead of leaving their story as a flap into nothing. Fx what does Shilo do right now other than flashing abs? And when did Sammy stop being funny and started being completely mental? The fun was watching Alex do triple down banging and Sammy trying to keep up with him. See Thad as a mixture of dumb, strict and touchy feely. See coach Daniels go nuts on someone and have Debby being a bitch. Please that was all I wanted... The only part of that I really got was coach Daniels going mental, although again a plot-hole... what happened to Debby and his huge house? It was only just about half a year after the end of the series (in movie time) Did Daniels really get that bad after just half a year (ish). Since when did he start excessive drinking? Okay he didn't seem sober but not stupid either. Well I was happy that more BMS content came out but the quality could have been double and still not near what I had hoped. Try again!