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Bob, a 50-year-old logger in rural Massachusetts with a soft spot for golf and gangsta rap, is struggling to make ends meet in a changed economy. When his beloved cow is wounded and a job goes awry, Bob begins to heed the instincts of his ever-darkening self.

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Bob and the Trees movie full length review - Blurs the line between movies and real life

OK, what makes this movie special is that basically you have a bunch of working class people playing themselves and trying to re-create for the camera some events they lived through in real life not so long ago.

Those people and those events are by no means very special. An old logger and his son work on a new cutting plot...but what the son doesn't know is that the father (Bob) has taken financial risks he can't really afford. So we see over 1.5 hrs how Bob's life and state of mind slowly falls to pieces (although we sort of know the ending can't be too tragic, because after all he and his son are here, playing themselves in this movie).

This movie yet again proves that everybody can play at least one role: themselves. The question is how to make it worth watching. "Bob and the Trees" might not be very memorable or enrapturing but it is one of the rare movies which is refreshingly honest due to being so close to real life.

Apparently it won the top prize in Karlovy Vary film festival which is kind of a big deal in Europe.