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A night out turns deadly when three girls break into a seemingly empty mansion.

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Body movie full length review - This movie would score 6 in Scrabble C.R.A.P

Technically, my review does contain spoilers but the movie's conclusion will ruin any chance this movie had of being memorable. Having said that, I won't forget just how disappointing the conclusion was.

Had such high hopes for this movie and had my suspicion that it was going to be similar to Identity (where there multiple personalities lead you to assume there are several characters involved), I would have been pleased, albeit omitting the suspenseful ending that particular movie provided. Yes, I would have worked out the ending within 15 minutes but I would've been happy with that.

Sorry guys (and girls), but this movie's ending was like opening the Xmas gift from you (ex)boyfriend expecting Victoria's Secret sexy lingerie and instead, be gutted cos it8s a pack of Primark full brief knickers(in Size 12 when your a Size 8).

Granted, the ending wasn't predictable, I'll say that much but only because I never envisaged it would be so darn rubbish.

What was the point in one of the 3 main characters commenting on how the Scrabble board had followed them???? I honestly thought that was an ominous comment that meant it was going to be a great mind f*** movie like Triangle OR Identity. Boy was I wrong! The only actor that gets any credit for their performance is Holly's boyfriend, who was in the movie for just over 5 mins. And what was the point in that? He loves Holly but not enough to endure anything other than a "walk on- walk off" part. I would've been more entertained if there had been a "wax on- wax off" scene lasting the entire running time of the movie, with everyone polishing the numerous cars outside with Turtle Polish!!!! Do yourself a favour and play Scrabble instead of watching this movie. It'll be more entertaining!