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The daughter of a wealthy real estate mogul falls in love with a younger man, and she is introduced to the world of BDSM. With her newly awakened sexual prowess, she is finally able to take control of her life.

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Bound movie full length review - 50 Shades of Hype Answered with Action Movie

So much Cinema is Psychotherapy ~ especially in America, where the puritan streak meets with capitalism every nanosecond, where the human stain of sexism and racism runs through every frame.

Let's face it folks, this is a comic book/look at the zillions spent on promoting the utter dross that is 50 shades ( yes, they are doing 50 Shades 2 ~ the marketing masterpiece ).

I needed a little light relief and as a big fan of Charisma Carpenter from the Buffy/Angel years, I was willing to spend $1.95 Australian ~ American cousins can 'do the math', to have a look at her as she is now. Cordelia was always a sexpot, so it makes sense for grown up 'Cordy' to be revisited.

I laughed, did not take it seriously and was as pleased as punch when Supermichelle got to sock it to the villain of the piece. Some message board mentioned 'Venus in Furs' ~ an admirable compare & contrast study. If anyone is really interested ~ do a triple feature, in any order, of this title, 50 Shades & Roman Polanski's ' Venus in Fur'. Then write a short poem, thesis, review or what you will.