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Being a teenage virgin in Bangalore, India, during the 1980s was not for the faint-hearted. If you were a quiz nerd on top of that, forget about it. Naman, a young quizard who is determined not to sleep alone, leads his hopelessly nerdy high school friends on a trip to Calcutta with their eyes on a major college quiz prize. Young, smart, and full of heart, the trio are determined to win, but they’re just as determined to lose their virginity in the process.

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Brahman Naman movie full length review - Quirky offbeat film that I really liked! You might, too :)

Okay. So I watched this movie last night. I'm not sure what naysayers have against it, but I would most certainly recommend it to someone who's grown up in India.

Even more so to someone who's been a 70s or 80s child. And really really very much to someone who's into trivia. And lastly to anyone who's been a young man in this country, wondering how to get the girls :)

That being said, I'll list out some of the things that I loved about the movie --- 1) Look and feel: The movie has been shot remarkably well. The credits, the sets, the production.. it's all classy. Very nicely done. 2) The 80s feels: I do not know what the India of the 80s was like, but I was struck by how nicely they've tried to live true to the movie's setting. There were certainly things that I could relate to, having seen small town India in the 90s :) 3) Narrative, Editing & Direction: I cannot recall a single dull moment in the movie. The narrative grasps you right from the outset and does not let go till the end.