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With her wedding day rapidly approaching, an anxious bride-to-be has doubts about her pending marriage. At a romantic island resort, she encounters a handsome kindred spirit and must now decide if her "perfect" fiancé is really her true love.

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Bridal Wave movie full length review - A perfect and predictable Hallmark, Movie

Here is the thing. Those of us that love Hallmark movies know what we are getting into, and we love it. I'm so tired of the negative comments against these type of movies. If Hallmark isn't your cup of tea then don't watch them. They are my favorite kind of tea.

***SPOILERS**** This is a story about finding someone who values the right things. Contrary to another reviewer, our hero is not a loser. He is a guy who has been successful, but taken a break to find himself. Since when does that make one a loser? He owns a home and is a wonderful hero for our movie. It's a story about not getting married because it makes 'sense', but because of the unexplainable connection that you feel with the right person. Another reviewer commented on wealthy snobs winning over everyday people. Huh? The movie is the opposite of that, sounds like bitter grapes to me (or total immaturity). It's the journey of three people, two of whom are not seeing clearly and it took the presence of the third character and his absolute certainty to bring clarity to all three. What is so great about this story is that none of our three main characters are 'bad' and all of them end up with what/who they really want.