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West Philadelphia basketball star Sergio Taylor deals with the pressures of fame while his brother and sister have their own issues with ambition.

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Brotherly Love movie full length review - watch. watch. watch

This movie is truly enjoyable. Being as though I have a Netflix account, I have been fortunate enough to watch this film multiple times. most likely, I've watched this movie about 7 or 8 times.

if you are one who does not have access to the movie, in my opinion, it would be worth the $10 you'll spend to rent it. With great actresses like Keke Palmer and actors Quincy Brown and Cory Hardwick Jr., this film was destine to be a hit with the younger audience.

This movie is basically about the community in Philadelphia, which is divided between the upper class and the middle/ lower class. Although they don't get along, all the students attend Overbrook High. The story follows a group of siblings who pay the price for their oldest brother June's decision to kill a few upper class dealers. A cousin of one of the boys ( Quincy Brown), who was murdered and witnessed the shooting, plans revenge by sweeping the sister off her feet, just to get close to the brother that committed the murders. it all comes back to haunt the family.

Some cinematography included in this film are Slow Motion and Zoom and short like blinking clips. One example of the Slowed Motion scenes is when June has the big basketball game against a rival school. When he scores throughout the game, it is slowed down to emphasize his impact on the game and how well he is playing. Also when he scores the winning basket.

If I had to change one thing abut this film, it would most likely be the ending. The brother is murdered by the cousin and leaves the sister heartbroken with the loss of her brother and the actions of her first real love and significant other. I would have let June live and the cousin gets past what happen to his cousin.