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West Philadelphia basketball star Sergio Taylor deals with the pressures of fame while his brother and sister have their own issues with ambition.

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Brotherly Love movie full length review - Please make another one!!!!!

This movie was just so touching and had a story to it. I really would like if a second one was made. I loved the movie, I loved the actors in it, and I loved the message that was persuade.

I appreciated everything that the movie stands for because there needs to be attention brought to issues like this and how to overcome it all. I truly believe that a second brotherly love should be made with another message of how everybody is doing now and what's going on In their lives and how they overcome other challenges when it comes to violence please make a second brotherly love! I know that the younger audience will definitely understand what you all are saying and the message that you guys are portraying. It gets to us and we can understand. I am just filled with joy because the audience that have reached can relate to a lot of things that happened in the movie. So they will feel what is supposed to be felt and I believe that they will make a change in the society today, in our generation today. Thank you for putting it out there and letting it be known that we need to make a difference we need to step up and be the bigger person and take a stand to violence.