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When a bitter rivalry between two brothers finally erupts into bloody, life-changing violence it is younger bother Greg who signs up for frontline battle in France. Greg discovers a world of uncompromising brutality as we follow him on his journey through France at the outbreak of World War 2.

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Brothers of War movie full length review - Great film with some promising actors

Brothers of War was well-written and had a good story line. I enjoyed the ending thoroughly, as it was not expected, but summarised the true meaning of the film's title.

The acting was very good. My understanding is that all the young actors are relatively new and I thought the talent of the cast made a strong ensemble.

The two brothers Greg and Jake played by Rory Finn and Daniel Attwell were fantastic. They seemed to have such opposite characters to play, and yet the depth at which they delved into their character was impressive. Finn played a great leading man, as did his love interest Clare Fettarappa hold her own on-screen, she was was very believable.

Attwell was dark, creepy and troubled - yet held a subtle charm about his character Jake, that left me not knowing whether to want him dead, or feel sorry for him. It's an unfortunate commonality, his reasons for being unstable, and his commitment to the two extremes of his role paid off with a genuine finish on Jake Jackson.

All and all, a well put together film with a great supportive cast and only minor edits I would prefer being changed to some scripting and editing. However they fade as the film draws to a satisfying close. I would definitely like to see more from this team: director, writer and actors.