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When David is left by his fiancé just days before the wedding, Flula, his relentlessly upbeat best man, insists that the pair go on David's previously planned honeymoon: a seven-day backpacking trip through the breathtaking mountains of Oregon. Their adventures are bookended with passages from William Clark's diary describing his friendship with Meriwether Lewis and the terrain they crossed during their expedition.

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Buddymoon movie full length review - Genuine and lighthearted

Buddy movies often make the mistake of focusing back to the romance and abandoning the bromance that developed through the journey.

When the inevitable resolution came, I was pleased to see this was not one of those movies. The movie kept being interesting due to the interaction between both characters and their encounters. Well paced. Nice locations too, really felt like a good trip. The soundtrack was enjoyable yet the final track, although I really liked the concept, felt out of place.

If anyone played the game "Firewatch", this movie reminded me a little bit of that game. Some elements are weird and you wonder if something strange will happen while enjoying the journey.

Very good movie, would've given a 7,5 though.