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A group of five friends are terrorized at their getaway cabin. A remake of the 2002 film, 'Cabin Fever'.

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Cabin Fever movie full length review - Remake Fever

This my review of Cabin Fever (spoiler free)


Cast: Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis.

Plot: Five Friends celebrating graduation rent a cabin in the woods, only to find themselves falling victim to a flesh-eating virus ? and, later, some redneck types who don't take kindly to their germs.

Horror fans can be a baffling bunch sometimes, often screaming bloody murder often when a genre classic gets remade, forgetting that some of their favourite modern horror films (The Thing, The Fly, The Ring) are remakes themselves. All of which are significantly better than this. It has been 14 years since the original Eli Roth gore-fest and some of the audiences that this is aimed at were toddlers at the time. The first one wasn't even good enough to be considered a classic even though it's better than this, and then there were the two sequels the second one better than the first and third one, let's not talk about that one. This brand spanking 2016 version had so much potential and even the Cabin Fever series isn't a talked about franchise, this film still had potential but it's just an extremely lazy remake. It would be better to watch the first one again because this one copies every word from the original script, and that's not to say it's a bad thing it's just that this one is just so bad. The film even copies every well third-base shenanigan the original one had. The thing is, is that claustrophobic horrors can actually be quite good but director Travis Z (Z for Zariwny) goes to far in trying to make this a horror (not convincingly) and not enough focusing on the claustrophobic feeling. To be fair is it supposed to give off tat feeling? Or is it just corny re-hash? People including myself would choose the second one even though the other 3 films are corny but not lazy like this is. Although this is one for the average gore fan but this is neither gory nor entertaining because even the original had gore as a feature but also it had the aspect that it was meant to be entertaining.

Here are some points as to why this is the laziest horror ever made:

Story: The story is probably the biggest point to take out because well there is no story or it's so bad it just feels like there isn't one. The story is a complete remake or in this case reboot because it looks like the director has just copied something that an original much better director did back in 2002. The story is in a humorous is that right to say? No it's humorless and quite frankly just cheesy and there are some really cheesy films out there all of which are better. If you like originality in a story then please this because this isn't original the director just rehashed something that's already been done and that is putting it nicely.

Characters: Another thing that the director copy and pasted because these characters although not played by the same 'actors' (again putting it nicely) they are just an exact copy as the first. They act in the same way they get infected the same way and it still has the skin peeling when you shave gimmick to it, but that is what made the first one good and well a classic although not really classic. The moral is the characters do the same thing not always a bad thing but in this case it is.

Speaking of the actors some of them would have very young when the first one came out and it's highly unlikely they even watched it, they should have done because then they wouldn't be in this. The original director intended to make this like The Evil Dead but there was one thing missing it didn't have the Indie feeling to it and yes Eli Roth is no Sam Raimi but you can see why he did it. Even the successful sequel which was disowned by Ti West not long after it came out. As this drags humorlessly towards the end there is a feeling of regret wondering why you spent so much money on a 'crappy remake' to an acclaimed classic. In fact it might be better watch the first one again and forgetting this even exists. There is a growing sense of dread it fosters has less to with the intended horror of watching you BFF's become infected by a deadly virus, than the creeping suspicion that nobody's heart is really in it.

Verdict: A duff remake of the beloved original so really nothing new, Travis Z's do-over of the 2002 classic gore-fest is surely one of the laziest despite the fact it is made from virtually the same script.

1/10 one to avoid forever.