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An inspiring, triumphant and wickedly funny portrait of one of comedy’s most enigmatic and important figures, CALL ME LUCKY tells the story of Barry Crimmins, a beer-swilling, politically outspoken and whip-smart comic whose efforts in the 70s and 80s fostered the talents of the next generation of standup comedians. But beneath Crimmins’ gruff, hard-drinking, curmudgeonly persona lay an undercurrent of rage stemming from his long-suppressed and horrific abuse as a child – a rage that eventually found its way out of the comedy clubs and television shows and into the political arena.

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Call Me Lucky movie full length review - The Gospel According to Crimmins

Call Me Lucky is a shocking, brilliant new documentary. It's about a man, few have known, but many really should discover. He's an American treasure, despite hating his own country so very much.

Barry Crimmins is the subject of the piece. He's said to be "a cross between Noam Chomsky and Bluto". He is a giant fireball of communist rage. No matter how much you think you hate the United States, and the Catholic Church, trust me, you don't hate it as much as Barry does. He's seething anger personified, but it didn't just come out of a vacuum. As a young child, he was subject to a series of unspeakable, disgusting sexual assaults. How much of it that he discloses will make your jaw drop. It is devastating. Once you take it all into account, you suddenly understand his resentment for his surroundings. As a man, and in-between his stand- up gigs, he dedicates his free time in a heroic journey to save children who have been at the hands of sexual abuse. Through this journey, he exposes the darkest underbelly of the pedophilia ring, during the dawn of AOL. I'm spilling way too much about this documentary, but it's brilliant, and I have to just spill all of my thoughts here. It's Bobcat Goldthwait's masterpiece, and what should be, and won't be, an Oscar contender. It's too cool for the establishment to like. If the day comes and the Oscars don't nominate "Call Me Lucky", I hope to see Crimmins rail against the "capitalist, old, white, wrinkly, pig f******" that screwed him over again? sorry to paraphrase.