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A homeless man is recruited by a bunch of rich kids to fight other impoverished people.

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Cardboard Boxer movie full length review - The diary that found a homeless man.

It's not what the title says. I mean it's not a sports film, but it has a little influence of that. Instead the title should have been related to the word 'diary'.

Because that plays a main part in this narration. This is the story of a homeless man who one day finds a diary in the trash. The diary of a young girl who had lost her mother and living with her abusing uncle. So on, it reveals her unpleasant life, but he finds some similarities with her. So he writes the replies, but since he doesn't who she is and where she lives, it goes straight into the thin air as a paper plane. On the other side, he often makes money on the street fighting that one day does not go well. So after that where he ends is what brings the end to the tale.

A much appreciable small budget film. Feels like a sentimental theme, but was not exploited so well. I have seen Thomas Haden Church in many flicks, but never in a lead role like in this one. He was the whole film, a couple of other characters come into the frame very often. So he was good, but expected a lot more than that. The blame goes to the screenplay, but also I liked the simple drama. Simple is quite enjoyable than too much of twist and turns and developments. So if you are the guy who takes chances in B movies, this is the one. Not the best film, though a heartwarming conclusion favours it. I know that part was a bit offbeat, but acceptable. So I say go for it.