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The true story of four student athletes from Carter High School in Dallas, Texas in the 1980s, whose bright futures irrevocably changed due to their off-field activities.

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Carter High movie full length review - Great movie with a message!

I saw Carter High twice. It was even better the second time! Charles Dutton's passion for his players as the football coach really came across.

His every line when addressing the players was some nugget of wisdom and guidance. The fact that this was a true story really made it all the more compelling. These young men had everything in their favor - stable families, caring, committed coaches who demanded academic and athletic achievement and proper conduct - yet still made the worst of choices. This movie dispels stereotypes and teaches us a lot. Arthur Muhammad did an excellent job putting out a movie with a message, without sex, violence, or unnecessary profanity. I would recommend this movie as a field trip for all middle school and high school students. Families should see it together and talk about it. It is also one to own on DVD later.