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A two-part mini-series following the police effort in the 1990s to catch serial killer Ivan Milat, who kidnapped, tortured and killed backpackers along the Hume Highway before disposing of their bodies in the Belanglo State Forest.

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Catching Milat movie full length review - A strong Australian production

Catching Milat is an Australian two-part miniseries which follows the true story of how New South Wales police tracked down serial killer Ivan Milat, who was responsible for the infamous backpacker murders in the early 1990's.

Based on the book "Sins of the Brother: The Definitive Story of Ivan Milat and the Backpacker Murders" by Mark Whittaker and Les Kennedy, the show is filled with plenty of tension and suspense, and made all the more horrifying because it really happened. You see just how lengthy a process it was to catch him and the emotions of those involved.

Directed by Peter Andrikidis, who has shown great diversity through his many directing projects, has once again done an excellent job.

Malcom Kennard as Ivan Milat is simply chilling. He is superb in portraying this deceptive character. On the one hand the seemingly normal guy who everybody likes and on the other hand a ruthless psychopathic killer.

Geoff Morrell, Richard Cawthorne and David Field all have a strong screen presence. The rest of the supporting cast are all fantastic.

The score by award-winning composer Michael Yezerski really adds an extra element of unease.

Even though there were changes made for the series, from the book, I applaud the cast and crew of Catching Milat for bringing this drama to the small screen. It is one of the best Australian miniseries I've seen in quite a while.