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Chasing Pavement stars Remy Mars as Elijah Young, an 'urban' porn star who is preparing to leave the adult entertainment industry and start a new career as a chef. His new roommate, Takeshi, played by Tokio Sasaki, is a Japanese immigrant who is looking for a new start in the information technology field. Takeshi, who feels completely invisible in the United States, becomes obsessed with his extremely visible flatmate. Takeshi's obsession culminates in a violation of boundaries that brings the two together for a moment of intimacy that neither will soon forget. The movie also stars Antonio Biaggi as Bryson Colon, a man with a troubled past who frequently hires Elijah as an escort, but wants much more.

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Chasing Pavement movie full length review - Fascinating character study.

I found this little gem of a movie on Vimeo last week and thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm so glad I did!

Chasing Pavement is a serious drama about identity and the dichotomy of who we really are and who we portray ourselves to be online and on phone apps like Grindr, Adam4Adam et al. For most gay men, this is a new reality that few of us choose to discuss openly in a time when queer culture is being pushed underground in favor of assimilationist, heteronormative lifestyles.

A low-budget effort, Chasing Pavement starts out feeling a bit too 'indie' (the actors' line readings are a bit flat), but the last 40 minutes are truly world class.

At a time when most American gay-themed films are campy comedies or third-rate psychological thrillers, Chasing Pavement is truly a refreshing reminder of what serious gay cinema should be.