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Chris Tucker: Live movie full length review - Another Friday would be a Disaster!

i'm a big Tucker fan, and i really wanted to like this but man, it was bad. There was some funny jokes here and there but overall it was a disaster. and the fact that it was 90 minutes long didn't help either.

plus some of his bits were from Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and others. and him dragging every [email protected] joke was just really cringe-worthy.

i really felt bad for him, even the crowd was bored. i think if this was a 30 minutes special it would've been way better, specially since there will be no time for him to drag and explain every goddamn joke.

i was really excited and looking forward for his comeback, but this was disappointing. i only gave it 3 Stars because it's Chris Tucker, if it was someone else i would probably give it 1- 2 Stars.

P.S. He confirmed that there will not be another Friday, which at first bummed me out, but after watching the whole special i was glad cause that would've destroyed his legacy.

i hate to say it, but i think he lost it. hope i'm wrong tho.