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Jules has just inherited a quaint Christmas tree farm bequeathed her by her grandmother. This is good news, since she plans to sell it and use the profits to buy her dream home in the city. The farm needs a bit of sprucing up, but Jules is a natural fixer so she’ll have it cleaned up in no time to impress buyers and be out by Christmas. But the longer Jules stays on the farm and the more she learns how important Christmas Land has been to so many families, the more Jules starts to question her motives to sell. And when the perfect buyer turns out to have ulterior motives for the farm, Jules must do whatever it takes to save Christmas Land.

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Christmas Land movie full length review - Not the most politically correct of Hallmark's Xmas movies.

Because Tucker's "nice-play-to-visit-but-don't-wanna-live-there" attitude _most definitely_ makes him anti-big city/pro-small town. Which, in turn, is not an entirely good thing.

As it's basically just a latter-day version of the exact same isolationism that was so unfortunately predominant throughout the United States during the Great Depression. Thereby making Tucker's naivete as proportionately unhealthy as Jules' initial, materialistic skepticism.

"Central Park is nature, now?" For youngsters born and raised in NYC who can't afford to get bused off to some rural nature preserve for just one day: frig, yeah! It's as close to nature as they're ever going to get. Especially, if those same kids don't come from the fortunate few families who have _successfully_ raised fruits and vegetables in urban community gardens no bigger than one square acre! And for those latter acts of "going green," such city-slickers should be praised. Not begrudged!

I, myself, come from a not-so-small town in Northwest Connecticut. Population: over forty thousand! Yet, while that admittedly disqualifies us from ever being a tri-state metropolis like the Big Apple, neither are we (in the immortal words of FOOTLOOSE's Christopher Penn) "stuck in Leave-It-To-Beaverland." In short; you don't have to spend your _whole life_ in an actual small town to have small town values.

A legitimate point more successfully demonstrated by the 2005 Hallmark Xmas movie, SILVER BELLS.