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Could you trust a jury of your peers with your life? The contestants of a mysterious death game must make harrowing decisions as they strategize for survival in this psychological sci-fi thriller.

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Circle movie full length review - Well thought out and made to get people thinking and talking

This movie is hard to discuss without "spoiling" some of it. I feel like the less you know going in, the more you'll get from it.

Don't watch this alone, not because it's scary (it's not "horror" at all really in the typical sense - the deaths are not gory or violent as in typical horror films, so much as sudden and suspenseful), but because you are going to want someone to discuss it with as soon as it's over.

This movie was not made to excite or scare you, so if you are looking for an exciting action horror, this definitely isn't in that genre, though it's exciting and suspenseful in a different way. It is a "thinky" movie with quite a few twists you don't expect, meant to make you uncomfortable, meant to force you to ask some pretty deep, tough questions, mainly about the value society places on individual lives and whether or not we, as a society, are actually justified in the way we think about various topics. Not comfortable topics. If you enjoy thought provoking, suspenseful films you can spend hours analyzing afterward, you will enjoy this one.

Very thought provoking questions get inadvertently presented along the way as you watch the characters discuss snippets of their lives in an intense debate and then literally vote to kill each other off based on these characteristics.

The purpose of the movie really is more along the lines of promoting equality, acceptance and creating a dialogue about challenging society's typical way of thinking about people's worth and value. Although the sci-fi based plot you have to accept in order to get into the discussion itself is (obviously) far fetched and not that logical, it's so successful at getting a lot of hard, but important, questions in in a short amount of time and provides a very visual way to take in what these questions really have the potential to mean, especially as us humans actually are working towards the goal of creating a "global" society that values true equality.

It forces you to face a lot of questions about yourself, how you view others and how society views people and whether or not the views we hold about the value of an individual are actually worth keeping. The reason I feel this film is so brilliant is that it's able to entertain you in a different way and yet open up specific moral questions for a discussion on at least 15-20 different hot topics. The flaws you notice along the way end up feeling very deliberate by the time you sit and ask yourself the questions that this film begs you to decide for yourself on.

It is true that the ending initially left a bit to be desired and made you say "NO! What? That's it?", but after sitting on it, I feel like it was actually quite a brilliant way to end given the obvious purpose behind the movie. What better way to end a film that was intended to have you face so many unanswered hard moral questions than in an "unanswered" way? People are so used to getting all the answers at the end of movies, having all the strings tied up by having bad guys lose and good guys win "the way it's supposed to be", but real life is not like that, real life is not "fair" and this movie was supposed to reflect on that exact point of reality "life is NOT fair". Seeing as the purpose of this movie was not to give you answers, but to ask you questions, it actually feels so purposefully flawed to have it end the way it did.

I gave it a 9 because there were a few minor details or areas of dialogue we felt could've been changed to make it even better. We also all agreed (as some other reviewers have stated) that it would've been a much better twist to have the people who "died" actually be alive in the end, though at the same time we understand the impact of not giving in to that desired ending. At the same time, the film does leave it open ended enough that you could still even come to the conclusion the people never died on your own anyway.