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Two friends who open a freelance paranormal investigation business. One of their few clients, a boy named Tim, asks them to help him contact his dead girlfriend. After reluctantly taking on the case, things quickly go awry! Did these two kooky friends take on more than they could handle?

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Class One Apparition movie full length review - Look out for Leopold Vincent Medley. He's got more in him.

Yes, the audio in this film is not the finest quality. Yes, it was made with high school actors. However, neither of these elements subtract from the talent that shines through in this production.

There is undeniably a creative vision and technique in every person involved with this project. From Mr. Bracey to Ms. Eckman, Medley is dealing a full hand. These performers know what they are doing, and know how to take on a full production. They are clearly well-trained. Medley himself is a highly capable director. His conceptual and practical leadership is evident, and I will enthusiastically await his next project. Cultivating young creators is so important, and Medley does just that. He has yet to demonstrate his full finesse, which is why I caution you this: Look out for Leopold Vincent Medley. He's got much more in him.